HARVARD -- On Thursday, Dec. 13, Rep. Jen Benson will host a public forum to discuss her recent education delegation trip to Finland and Sweden. The event will take place at 7 p.m. in Volunteers Hall at the Harvard Public Library, 4 Pond Road.

Earlier this fall, Benson, along with nearly 30 education professionals from around Massachusetts, traveled to Finland and Sweden on an eight-day educational research mission to study Finnish and Swedish educational policy and practice and how it differs from Massachusetts. The primary focus was on Finland, which currently ranks first in international educational assessments.

At the forum, Benson will be joined by trip leader Tony Bent, from Global Studies, 21st Century Skills Committee of Superintendents. Benson and Bent will discuss what they learned on the trip and how to use that knowledge to continue to improve education policy in Massachusetts. They will also take questions from the audience. For information on the event, contact Representative Benson's State House Office at 617-722-2637.