LITTLETON -- Mass Local Food, an online farmers market type food co-op, is planning to expand to the area this winter. There will be a meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 4, at the Reuben Hoar Library, 41 Shattuck St., at 7 p.m. At the meeting, which is open to all area residents, the MLF President Kelley O'Connor will talk about how the co-op works, highlight what makes it unique and discuss the steps to starting and running a pick-up site.

Mass Local Food is a network of consumers, farmers, and artisans focused on providing fresh, local foods to those who seek them. Customers buy products from local farmers, food producers and artisans through an online shopping system of over 2,500 Massachusetts products, coupled with an all-volunteer distribution service. Area producers post information about their products online and customers search/order a wide variety of items featuring fresh, farm-raised eggs, seasonal produce, artisan cheeses, grass-fed beef, pastured pork and lamb and free-range chicken. A host of other local products is also listed, including grains, flour, herbal teas, locally roasted coffee hand-crafted soap and baked goods like scones, breads, tarts, cakes, etc.

A $50 fee, refundable if you leave the co-op, makes you a member-owner and allows you to fill an online shopping cart and pick up your items on the first Friday of the month. Other pick-up sites are in Berlin, Framingham, Hardwick, Holden, Sterling, Westminster and Worcester.

Those who are unable to attend on Dec.


4 can learn more about Mass Local Food, see a list of products, and become a member by going to