We have a winner of the Regional Senior Scrabble Tournament.

On Thursday, the top two senior Scrabble players in the region met in Shirley. It worked out well that they were both from Shirley. At the Shirley Senior Center, they played for the title of "Best Senior Scrabble Player in the Nashoba Region."

Kate White defeated Jim Krycka , who came from way behind only to lose by a few points. A very close match.

Jim has some consolation as he had defeated Kate two weeks earlier for the title of "Best Senior Scrabble Player in Shirley." Now both have titles and both are looking forward to the next round of tournaments in the spring.

Stay tuned and see which towns are involved and who the next set of winners are.

Thanks go out to all the players for their time and energy. Also, the COA directors from Ayer, Ashby, Pepperell and Townsend for their support and lastly, this years guest judges, Don Parker and Carl Mock, superintendent of the Ayer-Shirley Regional School District.