New Hampshire's hunting season for pheasant continues through Dec. 31 with about 75 stocking sites in 50 towns. A total of 13,000 adult ring-necked pheasants will be released in all 10 counties.

Pheasants will be released on select state Wildlife Management Areas, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flood control areas and private lands open to public hunting. Each site will receive about 150 birds for the season, with the exception of federal flood control areas, which will receive about 50 more birds per site. There is a daily limit of two pheasants, and a season limit of 10. All stocking will be completed by the start of moose season.

Please keep safety in mind: Wear hunter orange, control your firearm muzzle and know where your hunting partners are. Shoot only within your zone of fire and keep your hunting dog under control. Do take the time to thank private and federal landowners when you use their land. Your hunting ethics on their land and your thoughtfulness will help keep the land open.

Massachusetts will open in two weeks, with some 40,000 pheasants being released. Most will be liberated on Wildlife Management Areas. There is very little private cover left in this state, so most are released on WMAs.

Most of the WMAs are stocked twice a week while a few others are done three times a week. Private covers are done only once with a minimum amount of birds.

All hunters must wear a blaze orange hat while hunting upland game birds, and I suggest a safety vest as well.


Hunters are allowed two birds per day with a maximum of six birds per year. There are no tags, so hunters are on the honor system. The further into the season, the more plentiful birds become.


If you have a notion to fish for King Salmon, now is the time to pack your bags and head west to Pulaski, N.Y., and the great Salmon River. Right now, the Kings are in the river by the thousands to 30 pounds and hundreds of fresh fish enter the river every day. This river is only as deep as your waist at most, with most of the river knee deep. This could be a trip of a lifetime for you and only five hours away.


A free Kids Trout Fishing Derby for ages 12 and under will be held Oct. 14 at the Townsend Rod and Gun Club on Emery Road in Townsend. Prizes will be awarded. Adults may enter at a cost of $15 per person. But for kids, it's free. Fishing is from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Did I mention for kids it's free?