GROTON -- The Assessor's office will be accepting applications for the Senior Work Credit Program starting on Oct. 1 and submitted by Oct. 31.

The Senior Work Credit Program allows homeowners age 60 or over, who live in Groton to earn up to $700 off their real estate tax bill in return for 64 hours of work for various town departments.

The hours are worked from December until November and the abatement is granted on the following May's bill. Slots are filled based upon the taxpayer's financial need and positions available. Informational brochures are available in the Assessor's office.

Those currently enrolled in the program must reapply every year. If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Shelp at the Council on Aging, 978-448-1170 or Jonathan Greeno in the Assessor's office, 978-448-1127.