LOWELL -- A record-breaking 46.9 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more by car this Independence Day holiday, more than a five percent increase compared to last year, according to AAA. 2.1 million of those will be New Englanders, with 1.1 million from Massachusetts alone.

Drew Carlson, public affairs specialist for Massachusetts AAA, says improved economic conditions, levelling oil prices, and weather are factors.

"There is a relatively low unemployment rate, so there are more people with disposable income wanting to travel," Carlson said, "So it's great consumer confidence and a great weather forecast as well."

With an increase in travel comes more car problem. AAA is expecting to rescue over 362,000 motorists with dead batteries, lockouts, flat tires and other problems during the holiday. That's where Gary Nicholaou, owner of Aiken Street Automotive in Lowell, comes in.

His best advice? If your travelling, get your car checked now.

"Maintenance should be a routine schedule so that you can be proactive to make sure something isn't going to happen. Not just on a holiday," Nicholaou said. "Make sure you've got the right air pressure in your tires, brakes are operable, correct inspection sticker would help so you don't get pulled over."