PEPPERELL -- Auto Clinic owner Bill Murphy has always invested in the success of his business, from ongoing training for his technicians, to acquiring state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, to preparing his son -- from age 2 -- to one day take over the business. Yet it's his latest investment that is most visible, as Auto Clinic expands from five bays to seven bays beginning this summer.

Murphy credits his son Billy and his Service Manger Scott Wheeler, who have both worked in the service department of a large auto dealer, and his wife Stephanie Murphy, also a long-standing office manager, with encouraging him to expand. With the new bays, all Auto Clinic customers will benefit from faster service, landscape contractors, plumbers and tradespeople alike, who have larger heavy-duty trucks such as Ford's F450, will have a local garage that can accommodate their vehicle's needs.

Murphy is proud of the high ratings Auto Clinic has received from customers on Facebook (4.7/5), and SureCritic (4.9/5), and for having a number of top technicians who have chosen to work with him for more than 20 years. While he says "the primary motivation for the expansion was improve our customer service, I am also glad to be able to provide my technicians with the most advanced work environment possible - they are the best and they deserve the best."