TYNGSBORO -- Shiny guitars are lined against a wall inside The Music Nook. There are framed photos of rock stars and musicians everywhere and, on another wall, a Woodstock poster and ticket for the iconic event that was never used by store owner Alan St. Croix. He and a friend ended up lost in Woodstock, Vermont, not in New York where the festival was held.

The Music Nook, a place for music lovers and learners has moved to 130 Middlesex Road, Unit 2.

"Rather than retire, it was like 'Let's open a small music store in Tyngsboro.' Pepperell was great, it's just there's only so much you can do in a town that size. It's a small town," said St. Croix, who for over a decade owned the Pepperell Music Center.

Alan St. Croix, the owner of The Music Nook, a new business in Tyngsboro will have it’s ribbon cutting this Saturday. They have been open for a week
Alan St. Croix, the owner of The Music Nook, a new business in Tyngsboro will have it's ribbon cutting this Saturday. They have been open for a week but for just lessons. A wall of pictures of musicians in the shop with a Woodstock poster and his ticket tothe show he bought in 1969 but never made it. SUN/JOHN LOVE
"I saw what was going on out here in Tyngsboro, with all the housing going up and everything so we jumped at the chance."

Several years ago, St. Croix was diagnosed with colon cancer. He credits his son, Alex St. Croix, for holding down the fort while he underwent treatment.

"He's the guy that kept things going," he said. "If I didn't have him, I would have had to close up shop."

St. Croix said customers at his new business can take music lessons and buy just about any musical instrument, mainly drums and guitars. Alex teaches drum lessons and also works as the store's floor manager. Loud drum sounds could be heard from another room where St. Croix's son was teaching student Joe Capucci.

"It's fun.


Alex is a lot of fun and he's knowledgeable. I enjoy it... like a bucket list thing," Capucci said of his drum lessons. "I play a Cajon drum and you sit on it, but I wanted to graduate to actual drums so I took the leap."

The Townsend resident said he thought the new location in Tyngsboro looks cozy.

"I think it'll work well for the guys," Capucci said.

Alan said their new location in town is better.

"We were tucked down a back alley in Pepperell before, so now that we're on a main road I feel like we'll have a lot more people coming in to actually buy stuff and also take lessons as well," he said. "We're trying to get more into boutique lines and handmade instruments and the higher-priced items."

St. Croix, now 64, said his love for music began like most guys his age -- with The Beatles.

"Once they hit that TV on 'The Ed Sullivan Show,' everybody was hooked," he said with a laugh. "I think I was only 10 years old at the time... I just wanted to play."

By St. Croix's feet was a poster of The Beatles waiting to be hung.

With The Music Nook, the elder St. Croix said he hopes to develop a close relationship with Tyngsboro's music community, having developed ties with the community in Pepperell through the years. A few days ago he announced on Facebook that Charlie Farren is the store's new guitar/voice instructor. Farren of Chelmsford is best known for being the lead singer and guitarist of The Joe Perry Project before starting his own band Farrenheit.

He admitted being nervous about his business' grand opening this weekend.

"I just don't know what to expect. Some of our customers and our students from Pepperell did follow us," he said, adding that he and his son have received numerous calls from people wanting to know when the store will officially open. "We're hoping to get some new people from Tyngsboro and the surrounding towns around here, which I think we will."

For more information on The Music Nook, call 978-748-5088 or 978-835-0072.

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