The following was posted to the Townsend Police's Facebook page by Chief Robert Eaton on Friday after 5 p.m. It was removed by the town after Eaton was placed on administrative leave.

TOWNSEND -- Today, February, 10, 2017 Chief of Police, Robert M. Eaton, Jr; issued a Memorandum of Record (MOR) to the Townsend Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator, James M. Kreidler, Jr. The MOU is reference to the recent investigation launched by the BOS and Town Administrator against 3 police officers and whereby a review of Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS) clears all 3 officers.

After conducting my own internal investigation into allegations of misconduct and/or criminal activity by my officers, I am obligated to enforce and comply with Massachusetts General Laws (M.G.L.), Townsend Police Department Internal Policies and Procedures, my job description and contract while serving the Town of Townsend as their Chief of Police and further, to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a sworn law enforcement officer.

It has become apparent that the investigation being conducted by the Town of Townsend Board of Selectmen/Town Administrator is a strategic assassination of the department, the police officers reputations and their character. It is clear that the ordering of their investigation is a calculated and orchestrated maneuver to disparage and dismantle the entire department. As the Chief of Police, I cannot stand idle and allow that to happen as it would be considered neglectful towards ethical principles and my integrity.


As a chief law enforcement officer, it is my lawful obligation to release credible and factual information that clears anyone from being wrongly accused. With this being said, pursuant to a recent ruling that I received on Wednesday, February 8, 2017, from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS), this report unequivocally exonerates all 3 police officers who were wrongfully accused from any wrongdoing. I have fully complied with all requests from the Town of Townsend legal counsel and as such, the DCJIS review has been forwarded for their immediate attention.

Based on the facts presented in the DCJIS review, my internal investigation, reports from officers and other pertinent evidence, I am requesting immediate action from the Board of Selectmen via public statement which shall reinforce the trust and integrity of this department and me as the Chief of Police for the Town of Townsend. I expect the exoneration of all 3 Town of Townsend Police Officers and me as the Chief of Police.

Sergeant Randy Girard was forced to resign under duress as he was subjected to threats of criminal charges, administrative discipline up to and including termination. A leak from the Townsend Board of Selectmen to the news media resulted in his name and reputation as a 28 year veteran officer and citizen being slandered. Based on the factual evidence presented in the Townsend Police Department internal investigation and the DCJIS review clearing Sergeant Randy Girard, he should be reinstated and made whole by giving him his rank, time in grade and compensated for all time lost.