STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, JULY 10, 2015...Members of the Democrat-controlled Legislature have given Republican Gov. Charlie Baker a mostly warm welcome to Beacon Hill. Next week we'll find out whether that reservoir of goodwill towards Baker translates into his wholesale embrace of their annual budget. Baker is scheduled to announce amendments and vetoes to the $38.1 billion fiscal 2016 budget, while also signing that bill (H 3650) and switching the state off its temporary budget and onto an annual spending plan, with all its attendants directives and increased spending. Since the budget slows spending growth to just above 3 percent, it's unlikely that Baker will carve too deeply into the bill's appropriations, but the governor may look askance on some of the earmarks and directives that lawmakers are hoping he will approve.

Baker has until Saturday, July 18 to act on the budget and its signing will move his administration and the Legislature into a new phase of the two-year session, one where they can focus on non-budgetary matters. Bills to improve MBTA operations and stabilize that agency, to facilitate more hydropower in Massachusetts, and to help the state prevent and a planned bill to treat opioid abuse are commanding attention. As mid-July approaches, legislative leaders appear to be trying to figure out how far into their post-budget agenda they can go. Perennial sales tax holiday weekend legislation as well as a fiscal 2015 supplemental budget are expected to pop soon, and begin gaining traction on the Hill.


MONDAY, JULY 13, 2015

BAKER, LEGISLATIVE LEADERS MEET: Speaker DeLeo hosts Monday's meeting with other legislative leaders and Gov. Charlie Baker. (Monday, 2 p.m., Speaker DeLeo's third floor office)

HOUSE AND SENATE: Both branches meet in informal sessions at 11 a.m.

BAKER VISITS NATICK CENTER: Gov. Baker plans to visit Natick Soldier Systems Center. (Monday, 3:30 p.m., 10 Kansas St., Natick)

BAKER IN MANSFIELD: Gov. Baker plans to attend Mansfield Family Fun Night. (Monday, 6:15 p.m., Main Street, Mansfield)

COMTO NATIONAL CONFERENCE: The Conference of Minority Transportation Officials is holding its national conference in Boston Saturday through Tuesday. On Monday, US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx is the invited keynote speaker for the opening plenary session. "Boston has a number of firsts," Robert Prince, COMTO's National Chair and former Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) General Manager, said in a statement. "Harvard is among the first, if not the first university in the country. I was the first African American to run a transit system here. And, COMTO's Transportation Symposium at Harvard will be the first in a very important series of Regional Transportation Symposiums COMTO will conduct throughout the year." A 7 a.m. legislative breakfast preceded the plenary session. (Monday, 8:30 a.m., Boston Park Plaza Hotel)

TREASURER GOLDBERG ADDRESSES BC STUDENTS: Treasurer Deb Goldberg will address Boston College law students from the Rappaport Center for Law and Public Policy. Closed to press. (Monday, 4 p.m., Treasurer's Office, Room 227)

"YOUTH ENGAGED IN ACTION" KICK-OFF: ABCD kicks off its Youth Engaged in Action (YEA!) summer learning program for 150 inner-city kids in their early teens. Enrollees, who come from all Boston neighborhoods, will be at the event along with ABCD reps. A corporate supporter will give away laptops at the event to some graduates of last year's program. (Monday, 10 a.m., 178 Tremont St. - 3rd floor, Boston)

SECRETARY WALKER AT HIGH TECH COUNCIL: Labor and Workforce Development Secretary Ronald Walker II will speak to the Massachusetts High Technology Council about changes to federal regulation of workforce systems. Walker will also talk about the Baker administration's priorities regarding alignment of education, workforce and economic development. (Monday, 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., 850 Winter St., Waltham)

COMMUNITY/BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT HEARING: The Community Development and Small Businesses Committee has six bills on its Monday hearing agenda dealing with small business and minority business development. Among them is a Rep. Carlos Gonzalez (D-Springfield) proposal (H 3381) to create a Micro and Minority Business Strategy Committee within the Executive Office of Housing and Community Development to target minority-owned small firms for assistance. Other bills would create "community benefit districts" to pool fees levied on property owners to pay for strategic revitalization of struggling neighborhoods (H 144), establishing a new capital partnership program to assist small firms (S 121), and enhancing existing community-development programs that target areas with high rates of poverty (H 142) An executive session is scheduled to follow the hearing. Full agenda:;eventDataSource=Hearings&isCurrent=True (Monday, 11 a.m., Room A-2)

FOSTER GRANDPARENTS ANNIVERSARY: Thirty foster grandparents from ABCD of Boston will "virtually participate" in a White House conference on aging using as they celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Foster Grandparents program. (Monday, 9:30 a.m. to Noon, ABCD headquarters, 178 Tremont St., Boston)

SUMMER LEARNING KICK-OFF: Boston Mayor Martin Walsh and Boston Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Tommy Chang will hold a press conference to celebrate the start of the city's summer learning project. The press conference is hosted by Boston After School and Beyond, the City of Boston, Boston Public Schools, and Boston Opportunity Agenda. (Monday, 10 a.m., Sportsmen's Tennis and Enrichment Center, 950 Blue Hill Avenue, Dorchester)

WORCESTER DIALOGUE ON RACE: The Worcester Community Dialogues on Race will hold its last session to discuss feedback from previous "listening sessions." Attorney General Maura Healey plans to attend. Next steps toward "a continued, constructive dialogue" will also be discussed. (Monday, 5:45 p.m., DCU Center, 50 Foster St., Worcester)

TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2015

COMMITTEE ON FINANCIAL SERVICES: Sen. Michael Rodrigues' bill (S 549) to require written, mailed notices of auto insurance premium increases of 15 percent or more is one of 14 auto insurance-related bills due for a hearing Tuesday before the Joint Committee on Financial Services. Full agenda:;eventDataSource=Hearings&isCurrent=True (Tuesday, 11 a.m., Room A-2)

CRIME BILLS BEFORE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE: A classic Judiciary Committee hearing docket for Tuesday is packed with 135 bills covering "crime," all to be heard in a single afternoon. Topics range from criminal strangulation (S 291) to the definition of coin-operated amusement machines (S 934). In between are bills on a remarkable array of subjects: obstructing state highways (H 3453), school hazing (H 1263), partial-birth abortions (H 1538), theft of bulk merchandising containers (H 1321), falsely assuming to be a public official (H 1267), larceny (S 814, S 844, H 1454, H 1456), arson (s 944), fetal homicide (H 1392), solicitation of a felony (S 899), solicitation of prostitution (H 1300), solicitation of murder (S 822, S 922), flag desecration (H 1766), grave desecration (H 1600), trespassing (H 1644), drag racing (S 783), heroin trafficking (H 1472) and that perennial favorite, "archaic laws implicating certain private consensual intimate conduct between adults" (H 1572). We could go on, something testifiers at Tuesday's will not be allowed to do - in addition to imposing time limits on individual testimony, the committee is planning to group the categories it hears from: judges and elected officials from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., then panels of people on certain topics, and members of the public, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Full agenda:;eventDataSource=Hearings&isCurrent=True (Tuesday, 1 p.m., Room A-2)

SECRETARY BEATON TAKES A DIP IN THE CHARLES: Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton plans to go for a swim in the Charles River. Gov. William Weld and former Sen. Robert Durand (D-Marlborough) also jumped in the river in August 1996 after Weld signed into law a bill protecting the state's rivers and streams from pollution. Tuesday's swim is part of the Charles River Conservancy's "City Splash" event, which runs from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. (Tuesday, 4 p.m., Fiedler Dock, Boston)

ENERGY EFFICIENCY ADVISORY COUNCIL MEETING: Commissioner of the Department of Energy Resources Judith Judson will chair the Energy Efficiency Advisory Council's monthly meeting to discuss the program administrators' draft 3-year energy efficiency plans. (Tuesday, 1 p.m., 100 Cambridge Street, Boston)

COMMITTEE ON CHILDREN, FAMILIES AND PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES: The Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities plans to take up bills dealing with issues under the purview of the Department of Developmental Services. Of note among a plethora of bills on services and programs for the disabled and developmentally challenged them are H 126, a Rep. Tom Sannicandro (D-Ashland) bill to require new regulations mandating that communications technology be made available to seniors and the disabled; and a Sen. Barbara L'Italien (D-Andover) measure (H 86) mandating a "commitment to hiring people with disabilities and training all employees involved in hiring decisions on the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act" for all state agencies, including specific hiring targets. Full agenda:;eventDataSource=Hearings&isCurrent=True (Tuesday, 10:30 a.m., Room B-2)

MT. HOLYOKE RANGE LANDSCAPE PARTNERSHIP CELEBRATION: DCR Commissioner Carol Sanchez and EOEEA Assistant Secretary Daniel Sieger will join local officials and partnership members to celebrate a two-year Landscape Partnership project, which resulted in the conservation of almost 1,000 acres of significant properties on the Mt. Holyoke Range. (Tuesday, 11 a.m., Mt. Holyoke Summit House, 10 Skinner State Park Road, Hadley)

SUDDERS ON VINEYARD: Secretary of Health and Human Services Marylou Sudders attends Martha's Vineyard Community Service. (Tuesday, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., Vineyard Health Care Access, Vineyard Haven)

SUDDERS AT VINEYARD HOSPITAL: Secretary of Health and Human Services Marylou Sudders has a meeting at Vineyard Hospital and Windemere. (Tuesday, 3 p.m., Oak Bluffs)

VETERANS AND FEDERAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE: Rep. RoseLee Vincent has a bill up for a hearing Tuesday before the Veterans and Federal Affairs Committee that would expand the penalty for removing flag holders from veterans' graves to cover the flag holder of police and firefighter graves as well. The committee - taking its hearing to Fall River's Battleship Cove - also plans to hear bills filed by Sen. Michael Rush on the veteran status of certain officials (S 1912); a Rep. Poirier bill allowing veterans to take Veterans and Memorial Days off with pay (H 3162); a Sen. Ross bill (S 1910) exempting vets from park fees; and a Rep. Paisella bill adding the word "veteran" on election ballots next to the names of people who've served. Full agenda:;eventDataSource=Hearings&isCurrent=True (Tuesday, 12:30 p.m., Battleship Cove, Fall River)

CONVERSATION ON CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM: A bipartisan group of U.S. senators will join the Edward M. Kennedy Institute and The Coalition for Public Safety for an open discussion about criminal justice reform as part of the EMK Institute's inaugural "Across the Aisle" series. Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), John Cornyn (R-Texas), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) plan to attend. The event will be moderated by Bill Keller, editor-in-chief of The Marshall Project. (Tuesday, 3:30 p.m., Kennedy Caucus Room, 325 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C.)

BRIEFING ON STATUS OF HEALTH CARE EXCHANGES: The National Health Council will hold a briefing, via phone call, detailing a state-by-state comparison of changes that have been made to enhance health insurance exchanges and what still needs to be done to make them more patient friendly. The presenters are Marc Boutin, CEO of National Health Council, and Kelly Brantley, director of Avalere Health. (Tuesday, 1 p.m.)

JOINT HOUSING COMMITTEE: Public housing bills are on the docket at a Joint Housing Committee's hearing. They include a Sen. Ross bill relative to enhanced housing authority screening, a Rep. Naughton bill dealing with self-sufficiency in state-assisted public housing (H 3430), and a Rep. Jones bill prohibiting Level 2 and 3 sex offenders from public housing hotels and motels (H 1119). Also on the agenda are a Rep. Naughton bill on public housing determination for veterans (H 1125), a Sen. Chandler bill relative to the Worcester Housing Authority's "Buy American Policy" (S 692), and Sen. Eldridge and Rep. Jones bills to establish an apprenticeship program to ready vacant public housing apartments for occupancy (S 695, H 1108). Full agenda:;eventDataSource=Hearings&isCurrent=True (Tuesday, 10 a.m., Room B-1)

PUBLIC HEALTH COMMITTEE: "An Act To Protect Little Lungs" (H 1976) typifies the proposals up for a hearing Tuesday as the Committee on Public Health takes up bills on tobacco, marijuana and substance abuse. Filed by Rep. Paul Heroux, it would levy a $100 fine on anyone smoking in the same car with a young child. Other bills would require the liquid nicotine used in e-cigarettes to be sold in child-resistant containers (S 732, Sen. Chandler); allow family members and caregivers to cultivate or possess medical marijuana for approved patients without a registration card under certain circumstances (H 2065, Rep. Smizik); limit the amount of pain medication that can be prescribed in an emergency room (H 2083, Rep. Walsh); and ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors (H 3466, Rep. Campanale). Full agenda:;eventDataSource=Hearings&isCurrent=True (Tuesday, 1 p.m., Room B-2)

RALLY FOR BERNIE SANDERS: The group "Boston for Bernie Sanders" plans to rally in support of the Vermont US senator's candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president. Members of Boston's trade union community and community activists are scheduled to speak, according to organizer Edmund Schluessel. (Tuesday, 7 p.m., location TBD)

SPEAKER DeLEO AT OUTSIDE THE BOX FESTIVAL: Speaker Robert DeLeo is scheduled to make brief remarks at on the kickoff day of the Outside the Box performing arts festival, which runs July 14 to July 19. (Tuesday, 7 p.m., Boston Common)

JOBS FOR MASSACHUSETTS MEETING: Senate President Stanley Rosenberg is scheduled to attend the monthly Jobs for Massachusetts meeting. (Tuesday, 8:30 a.m., Federal Reserve Bank, 31st floor, 600 Atlantic Ave., Boston)

TREASURER GOLDBERG SPEAKS AT INTERN FAIR: Treasurer Deb Goldberg will speak at the State House interns' "Credit for Life Fair." (Tuesday, 3 p.m. , Great Hall)

BOSTON-SUFFOLK FAMILY RESOURCE CENTER: Sen. Spilka plans to join officials from the Home for Little Wanderers to celebrate the official opening of the Boston-Suffolk Family Resource Center. Center director Amy McCarthy and The Home CEO Joan Wallace-Benjamin plan to be there as well. (Tuesday, 1:30 p.m., 780 American Legion Highway, Roslindale)


MWRA: The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority Board meets. The agenda includes an MOU with Quincy and another one with Winthrop; amendments to the board's management policies; an amended sewer connection agreement with the New England Center for Children; and fiscal 2016 non-union compensation. Contracts are on the agenda affecting the town of Reading, the Alewife Brook Pump Station; Nut Island Headworks Odor Control, and upgrades to the Chelsea Screen House. EEA Secretary Matthew Beaton chairs the meeting. (Wednesday, 1 p.m., 90 Tafts Avenue, Winthrop)

DEPT. OF PUBLIC UTILITIES HEARING: The Department of Public Utilities will hold a hearing on the petition of the town of Winchendon for approval of its Municipal Aggregation Plan. (Wednesday, 2 p.m., Department of Public Utilities, One South Station, 5th Floor, HR B)

POLITICAL HAPPY HOUR INTERVIEW WITH GOV. BAKER: The Boston Globe's Joshua Miller, author of the Political Happy Hour newsletter, will interview Gov. Baker on a range of topics including his first six months in office and plans for the rest of his term. (Wednesday, 5:30 p.m., Suffolk University Law School, 120 Tremont Street, Boston).

JOINT HIGHER EDUCATION HEARING: Bills relative to in-state tuition and its relation to citizenship status are among those before the Joint Committee on Higher Education for a public hearing. The committee will hear two bills by Rep. Provost and Sen. Chang-Diaz regarding equal opportunity for high school graduates (H 1061, S 654), a Sen. Forry bill regarding tuition equity for high school graduates (S 666), House bills on in-state tuition eligibility (H 1054, H 1053), and a Sen. Tarr bill regarding oversight on eligibility for tuition and fee waivers (S 684). Full agenda:;eventDataSource=Hearings&isCurrent=True (Wednesday, 11 a.m, Room B-2)

NSTAR, EVERSOURCE PETITION HEARING: The Department of Public Utilities will hold a public hearing on the petition of NSTAR and Eversource Energy for approval to construct and operate a new underground transmission line in Woburn, Winchester, Medford, Somerville, Boston and Everett and the petition for individual exemptions from the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Woburn. (Wednesday, 7 p.m., Alden Chambers, Second Floor, Medford City Hall, 85 George P. Hassett Drive, Medford)

ROSENBERG ON HERALD RADIO: Senate President Stanley Rosenberg is scheduled to make an appearance Wednesday on Boston Herald Radio. (Wednesday, 10 a.m., 70 Fargo Street, Boston)

JOINT TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE HEARING: The Joint Transportation Committee's public hearing agenda includes a number of bills relative to driver's education (H 3036, H 3104, H 3061, S 1819) and commercial vehicles (H 3123, H 3010, S 1825, H 3101). Also on the docket is a Rep. Kulik bill (H 3030) to exempt certain vehicles used exclusively for agricultural purposes from registration requirements, a Rep. Michlewitz bill (H 3048) relative to the purchase of tunnel safety insurance by the Executive Office of Transportation, and a Sen. Tarr bill (S 1893) relative to habitual traffic offenders. Full agenda:;eventDataSource=Hearings&isCurrent=True (Wednesday, 1 p.m., Room A-1)

STATE ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE: A Joint State Administration and Regulatory Oversight Committee hearing has just one bill on the agenda: H 3570 a Gov. Baker bill to establish a State Workforce Development Board. Labor and Workforce Development Secretary Ronald Walker is expected to testify. The bill would reconstitute the existing Workforce Investment Board and bring it into compliance with recent changes to federal law. The new board would reduce the number of seats from 65 to 33 members. It would comply with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act signed by President Obama in 2014, according to the administration. (Wednesday, 11 a.m., Room 222)

HEALTH POLICY COMMISSION: The Health Policy Commission's Cost Trends and Market Performance Committee will meet to discuss the 2015 Cost Trends Report and the 2015 Health Care Cost Trends Hearing, which is scheduled for October 5 and 6. Commissioners also plan to discuss performance improvement plans and hear an update on the process for filing notices of material change. (Wednesday, 9:30 a.m., 50 Milk St. - 8th floor, Boston)

PUBLIC HEALTH COUNCIL: The Public Health Council will meet, with presentations expected to cover Eastern equine encephalitis and West Nile Virus, health care-associated infections, and "sober homes guidance." Commissioner Monica Bharel M.D. is also expected to provide updates to the council. (Wednesday, 9 a.m., 250 Washington St. - 2nd floor, Boston)

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES COMMITTEE: Members of the joint committee will discuss bills pertaining to municipalities, infrastructure and access to capital. Among the agenda items are an act on expanding the availability of business district parking by Rep. Hunt (H 291), two bills by Sen. Tarr related to waterfront development (S 239, S 240), and a Sen. Lewis bill (S 219) promoting local economic development. The committee previously heard sales tax holiday bills, which could emerge for a vote whenever the panel decides to bring them up. Full agenda:;eventDataSource=Hearings&isCurrent=True (Wednesday, 1 p.m., Room B-2)

WORLD POLITICS OF ENERGY: WorldBoston hosts the latest edition of its "chat and chowder" series featuring CNA Corporation senior Adviser James Clad discussing "The World Politics of a Changing Energy Landscape." Glad is the former US deputy assistant secretary of defense. (Wednesday, 5:30 p.m., Downtown Harvard Club of Boston)

UMASS LOWELL CHANCELLOR: The UMass-Lowell Chancellor Search Committee plans to meet. (Wednesday, 9:30 a.m., University of Massachusetts Lowell Inn & Conference Center, 50 Warren Street, Lowell)

ASK THE COMMISSIONER: Boston Police Commissioner Bill Evans is scheduled to be on Boston Public Radio 89.7 FM for an "Ask the Commissioner" segment. ( Wednesday, 12-1 p.m., Boston Public Radio 89.7 FM)


SENATE AND HOUSE: Both branches plan informal sessions at 11 a.m.

MASS. BUILDING TRADES CLAMBAKE: Attorney General Maura Healey is scheduled to attend the Massachusetts Building Trades annual clambake at the New England Laborers' Training Center. (Thursday, 1:30 p.m., 37 East St., Hopkinton)

JOINT MUNICIPALITIES COMMITTEE: Home rule petitions and municipal finance bills will be on the docket at a Joint Municipalities and Regional Government hearing. Two bills will be heard relative to streamlining municipal finance (H 1852, S 1068), along with a Rep. Cabral bill on revenue sharing with cities and towns (H 1828), and a Sen. Tarr bill to increase the amount that may be appropriated from the balance of a capital project fund (S 1110). Local bills will include a Rep. Ryan bill relative to Chelsea's city charter (H 3569), a bill establishing a DPW in Tisbury (H 3619), and a Sen. Tarr bill authorizing relocation, replacement, reconstruction and maintenance of a piling-supported building in Newbury (S 1940). Two Sen. Wolf bills are on the agenda regarding land conveyances in Nantucket (S 1935, S 1936). Full agenda:;eventDataSource=Hearings&isCurrent=True (Thursday, 1 p.m., Room B-2)

TREASURER ADDRESSES LEGISLATIVE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM: Treasurer Deb Goldberg will address the 2015 Summer Legislative Internship Program. (Thursday, 1:30 p.m., Hearing Room A-1)

JUNE UNEMPLOYMENT, JOBS NUMBERS: The Office of Labor and Workforce Development will release a report on the state's June unemployment rate, jobs data and estimates. The last report pegged Massachusetts' May unemployment rate at 4.6 percent, a 0.1 percent decrease from April and the lowest it has been since December 2007, according to the office. Revised May statistics will also be released with the new report. (Thursday, 9 a.m.)

SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENTS CONFERENCE: Mass. School Building Authority Executive Director Jack McCarthy plans to attend the 21st annual Mass. Association of School Superintendents Executive Institute. This year's three-day program is titled "Serving All Children: Leading Healthy Schools." (Thursday, 1:30 p.m., Mashpee High School, 500 Old Barnstable Rd., Mashpee)

REP. NIKI TSONGAS ON 89.7: Rep Niki Tsongas is scheduled for an interview on Boston Public Radio. (Thursday, 11:30 a.m., Boston Public Radio 89.7 FM)

SUDDERS TESTIFIES: Secretary of Health and Human Services Marylou Sudders testifies before the Managed Care Organization Working Group. (Thursday, 10 a.m., State House)

FRIDAY, JULY 17, 2015

CABINET MEETING: Gov. Baker and Lt. Gov. Polito hold a Cabinet meeting. (Friday, 10 a.m., Governor's Office, Room 360)

ROSENBERG IN NORTHAMPTON: Senate President Rosenberg plans to meet with Hampshire County Sheriff Robert Garvey and other legislators. (Friday, 8 a.m., 205 Rocky Hill Road, Northampton)

SUDDERS VISITS BRIGHTON HOSPITAL: Secretary of Health and Human Services Marylou Sudders visits Franciscan Hospital for Children. (Friday, 3 p.m., 30 Warren Street, Brighton)

FITCHBURG GAS AND ELECTRIC LIGHT COMPANY PETITION HEARING: The Department of Public Utilities will hold a procedural hearing on the petition of Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Company for an increase in base distribution rates for gas service and approval to change its schedules of rates for gas service to become effective July 1, 2015. The hearing will also cover a petition for an increase in base distribution rates for electrical service and a proposal for implementing a capital cost adjustment mechanism and approval of changes in its schedules of rates for electrical service. (Friday, 2 p.m., DPU, One South Station, 5th floor, HR A, Boston)

TREASURER REGIONAL ROUNDTABLE: Treasurer Deb Goldberg will host her first regional roundtable on "Wage Equality Best Practices." (Friday, 12 p.m., UMass Center, 1500 Main Street, Springfield.)