I was disheartened to hear that some folks think the so-called "natural" gas pipeline extension is a done deal!

I say "absolutely not!"

It must go through the state government levels first. There is a lot of growing awareness and opposition about this very serious issue, across many affected towns.

State Sen. Eileen Donoghue echoed my sentiments, that this pipeline extension is not imminent.

However, I do feel that it is extremely important to keep the pressure on and continue to write and call our legislators to work for OUR interests, not big business, and say NO to the pipeline. It is making an impact.

I think the scope of this project is outrageous! Kinder-Morgan wants to construct a new, "Northeast Energy Direct Project" of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline in Massachusetts. This is in addition to the already existing gas pipeline running across the southern half of our state.

They are proposing a bigger, 36-inch, high-pressure pipeline going through 29 mainline towns and 44 lateral towns, and get this, pushing 2.2 BILLION cubic feet of "product" per day. This is overkill! I feel this greed will be their undoing. By design, there will be an excessive abundance of this fracked gas. It could possibly be shipped overseas to Europe, Asia and Canada where the gas prices will bring an extra 3-4 times more profit than in the USA.

And furthermore, they want us to pay for it in numerous ways:

1. Paying a tariff on our energy bills.

2. Taking our private property.



Diminishing our property values as a marked "pipeline town."

4. Leaching toxic chemicals into our town and private water supplies.

5. Potentially leaking methane, compromising our health.

6. Stealing away the conservation lands that we worked so hard to protect in perpetuity.

7. Making us collateral damage for their profits.

8. Marring these towns for the future of our children.

9. And finally, by destroying the pastoral character of our towns and conservation lands, forever.

So please, don't sit back and let the environmental activists, and abutters to the potential pipeline, do all the work. This concerns everyone of us!

I'd like to ask you to adopt a "Tell 10" campaign. Ask 10 people that you know to write, email and call your state representatives to ask for their support on shutting down this ill-conceived project.

You can also get involved by marching in the town-to-town relay to stop the pipeline. Pepperell's walk will be on July 22, continuing on to Groton on July 23. It will culminate at the Statehouse on July 30. For more information on this, and legislators' contact information, go to: http://nashobatrust.org/pipeline/, or https://www.facebook.com/nashobatrust.

And please, view the movies "Gasland" and "Gasland 2."

We don't want it, we don't need it and together, we can defeat it.

A friend phrased it well: The people do not want a gas super highway running through the heart of our towns!

Jeanne Nevard