As the 10-year anniversary of gay marriage in Massachusetts approaches, Republican candidate for governor Charlie Baker released a web video Thursday in which Baker's brother Alex recalls telling Charlie he was gay when the two met at a restaurant in Harvard Square.

"You said, 'What would you say if your brother said he was gay?' And I remember that," Charlie Baker says in the video. "And so I said, "I'd say it's no big deal.' That's what I remember saying in response."

Alex Baker, then says he's approaching his 10-year marriage anniversary in June.

"The fact that 10 years has passed since that happened and Massachusetts hasn't fallen apart. The institution of marriage in Massachusetts isn't crumbling because of gay marriage. And part of me just keeps hoping that the rest of the country will look at Massachusetts and realize, you know it isn't that big of a deal," Alex Baker says in the video.

Saturday marks the 10-year anniversary of gay marriage.