BOSTON -- Treasurer Steve Grossman is planning to sell more than 1,200 unclaimed items on eBay starting next month after first showcasing the pieces of jewelry, collectible currency, watches and other items around the state in the coming weeks.

The majority of the items come from safe deposit boxes that have gone unclaimed for at least nine years. The Treasurer's office will showcase some of the "lots" next Monday at the State House before taking the valuables on the road to Yarmouth, New Bedford, Springfield and Worcester.

"Reuniting people with their rightfully-owned property is our first priority, but in cases where these individuals cannot be located, we want to ensure that we maximize the revenue that is generated from this auction," Grossman said.

"Selling these items through eBay offers a competitive bidding environment, reaches a high number of potential buyers, and maximizes revenue for taxpayers."

The May 3 eBay auction will be the ninth time the state has used the website to sell off unclaimed property. Though the sale of 1,830 lots last year, Grossman raised over $544,000 for the state's general fund.

The Treasury will initial put 100 items up for bid on eBay and gradually release more over the ensuring eight weeks.