SHIRLEY -- Hollywood has come to Shirley.

A small buzz was stirring on Lancaster Road on Tuesday afternoon, as the "Tumbledown" movie crew set up for a shoot with celebrities Rebecca Hall and Jason Sudeikis.

A big sign reading "Fly Me to the Spoon" laid across the top of the small eatery locals know as KJ's Airport Diner.

The scene involving the two main stars takes place early in the film, publicist Scott Levine wrote in an email.

’Tumbledown’ film crew at the Shirley Airport Diner, Thursday afternoon, Lancaster rd., Sun Photo Bob Whitaker
'Tumbledown' film crew at the Shirley Airport Diner, Thursday afternoon, Lancaster rd., Sun Photo Bob Whitaker

In the romantic comedy, Hall's character lives in the woods of Maine as a widow trying to write her husband's biography. She later meets Sudeikis, a New York writer who sees the life and death of Hall's husband differently. Sudeikis helps her with the story.

Other cast members include Blythe Danner and Joe Manganiello.

An old red Ford truck and a motorcycle also sat in front of the diner, while large lighting equipment was set up at an angle toward the booth inside where Sudeikis sat.

After set-up, Hall emerged -- to the delight of nearby onlookers -- in a black cowboy hat, rain boots and a tan jacket. Sudeikis was also dressed casually in jeans and a long-sleeved shirt.


Hall has starred in "The Town," "The Prestige" and "Iron Man 3," while former Saturday Night Live member Sudeikis is featured in comedies such as "We're the Millers" and "Horrible Bosses."

The shoot was the last one in Shirley, Levine said. The production also took over French Lessons Boutique in Concord earlier this week to shoot a book-store scene.

The movie will also be shooting on private land in Groton and in the brand-new New England Studios in Devens.

On Tuesday, across the road, five onlookers waited anxiously to see what would happen.

Shirley resident Kim Prehl, who works for Mitrano Removal Service, said she heard about the shoot because her company supplies containers for New England Studios.

"When I grabbed my daughter from middle school, I wanted to show her what was going on," she said.

"This one definitely wants to be in the movies someday," she added, nudging to her daughter Ashlyn. "Ever since they built New England Studios on Devens, she's been a little obsessed."

Across the street, Jhonny Escobar's office window at Tenant Systems Inc. served as the perfect front-row view.

Escobar and co-worker Karin Anderson found out about the set-up that day.

"I was trying to get information because if Matt Damon was there I was going across the street," Anderson said, laughing. "But Jason Sudeikis isn't too bad."

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