This is a serialization of the new book written by Carl Flowers, owner of Silveus Plantation, the subject of "Groton's Anonymous Mistress." This 300-year-old house is accessed by Kemp Street near the boundary of Groton and Dunstable.

Part 55

By Carl Flowers

Due to the town's flawed interpretation of the 1932 Town Meeting proceedings and the court's agreement with the town, three dead-end roads have been created. They include Groton's Raddin Road, Kemp Street in Dunstable and the 1772 road passing by the west side of the Mistress.

Irrespective of where Dan Parker Road was abandoned, wherever that happens to be, certain rules may not have been followed that are established by state statute. At no intersection of the three dead-end roads has the public ever been warned about where the public road actually begins and ends. To my own recollection, I have never seen a warning sign at any intersection of the above mentioned three roads.

The same is true according to Lillian Fitzpatrick's great nephew, relative to Raddin Road. In addition to this, there's no communication to be found between Groton and Dunstable where Dunstable gave permission to make Kemp Street a dead-end road.

One quick observation about Blood Road cannot be ignored. The same 1932 Town Meeting that abandoned Dan Parker Road, also abandoned Blood Road from Rocky Hill Road to its end. You cannot find a map of Groton failing to shown Blood Road beginning at the Dunstable Road or the Old Dunstable Road.


The proceedings say Blood Road was abandoned from Rocky Hill Road. Could this be another scrivener's error or is it just plain ignorance? The Groton Board of Selectmen claim they always know what they're doing. Maybe the three dead-end roads were no accident due to unknown agendas looking to get even with certain individuals living on Raddin Road or in Dunstable. A statement has certainly been proclaimed about the importance of keeping a working farm and the protection of one of the town's oldest historic buildings.

Lastly, the court leaned heavily on my 1983 agreement with town council's non-existing opinion about Dan Parker Road being a private way. The court was never told there was no 1983 opinion. Even if there was an opinion, the letter I received couldn't have been based on any accurate facts just as the recent opinions from town council aren't based on truthful facts. Instead, the opinions are based on unsubstantiated false information of individuals and their testimony stating there is no Dan Parker Road, proven by Groton's 2005 Street Map. Contrary to the sworn testimony of the individuals stating there is no Dan Parker Road is a 2012 Groton Building Permit that states the Mistress is on Dan Parker Road.

Even the mail is delivered to the Mistress on Dan Parker Road. Maybe the false testimony was a continued effort to keep the Mistress' identity anonymous.

A more recent issue involved agricultural housing.