HARVARD -- As selectmen met Nov. 19, Town Administrator Tim Bragan shared the following news with the board.

* Town Moderator Robert Eubank has filled a long-vacant seat on the Finance Committee with the appointment of Bruce Nickerson. Nickerson also serves on the Municipal Affordable Housing Trust, but the MAHT is a private nonprofit and not a town committee, so there's no conflict of interest issue, Bragan said.

* The attorney general approved bylaw changes adopted at Town Meeting and a home rule petition passed muster with legislators and the governor.

* The Sewer Commission has reviewed and approved the Congregational Church's sewer hookup application, even though the footprint of the facility has changed. The new addition that added square footage was under construction when the Town Center Sewer plan was approved in 2009, Bragan explained. At the time, the church obtained an easement to upgrade its septic system, part of which extends into the Town right-of-way. Besides the OK to connect from the Sewer Commission, authorization is needed from selectmen to dig up town land, he said. They voted unanimously to allow it.

* When Lucy Wallace pointed out that Christmas falls on "dump day," this year, the board asked Bragan to consult with DPW Director Rich Nota about changing the day on which residents with stickers can take their refuse and recyclables to the transfer station.


She also asked Bragan to ask about putting up "Share the Road" signs on Littleton Road, similar to those on the recently reconstructed Harvard Road side in Littleton. "Would it make sense?" she asked, given the recent motor vehicle accident involving a runner. Motorists should be aware that there are often cyclists and runners on the road, she said.

Bragan said he'd check with Nota on both matters.

-- M.E. Jones