I'd heard about the neighborhood bear. I walk my dog every morning through the woods, hoping to get a glimpse of the bear. I'd seen other pictures from other people around town, but no, I'd never seen the bear here.

It was right about 5:05 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 2, when I saw the bear at the corner of the neighbors' house and called my sons downstairs (one pictured below).

He ambled over to our yard at 5:09, according to the time stamp on the photo file, and hung out eating apples for 10 solid minutes, lying down, getting up, lying down again, going over to the cherry apple and pulling on the branches to get some of those little apples.

It was in no way scary. I know black bears aren't interested in people. Although I did realize mind-bear-watching that my garage was open with the garbage bins inside and did run out to close those doors just to be safe.

But no, it was absolutely thrilling to see the bear that close and that casual. Indeed, the bear caused something of a modest traffic jam on Shirley Street and then again on Mt. Lebanon as he moved on, as other people got out of their cars to see and photograph the bear.

But my sons and I had the best view and we just kept saying how amazing it was.

-- Jeff Sauer