A screenshot of the Airbnb page showing the New York loft where Jean-Michel Basquiat once had his artist studio.
A screenshot of the Airbnb page showing the New York loft where Jean-Michel Basquiat once had his artist studio. (Airbnb, Inc.)

Jean-Michel Basquiat's loft, Marilyn Monroe's suite, Karl Lagerfeld's villa, and Elvis Presley's apartment have all been transformed into buzzworthy and original accommodations for tourists. Or at least, for those who are willing to pay the steep price.

Vacation rental website Airbnb.com, which allows homeowners to rent out their apartment to guests, has come into the spotlight recently thanks to a unique offer: visitors to New York can rent the loft once occupied by the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Basquiat, who died in 1988, is remembered as a pioneer of street art and a key figure in the 1980s art scene. So it is no surprise that many a contemporary art fan has seized the opportunity to spend the night in his former art studio. The loft may also appeal to pop music fans, as it is said to have been frequented by Madonna.

Of course, such unique accommodations come at a price. One night goes for around $225 (prices vary by season, as with a traditional hotel) plus around $50 for housekeeping and a $400 refundable deposit. Airbnb's service charges also apply. The owners of the apartment allow a maximum of two guests for a minimum stay of three nights.

Rental page on Airbnb: airbnb.com/rooms/405408.

According to the description given by the owner, this rental remains "a steal" given that "hotels on this street [in Soho] start at $600 per night."

Occupying the space where a celebrity once lived may be a fun and quirky way to spend a vacation, but the experience is certainly not within the reach of every pocketbook.


Elvis Presley

In Memphis, which draws a steady flow of Elvis fans year-round, visitors can follow the King's footsteps to Lauderdale Courts, where the singer lived in an apartment with his parents from 1949 to 1953. One can reserve a night in this three-room suite, located close to the city's downtown, for $250 plus tax. The rental can accommodate up to four guests for a maximum of six days.

Marilyn Monroe, Jim Morrisson and others

One of the most legendary hotels in Los Angeles, the Chateau Marmont has a long list of iconic guests. Marilyn Monroe was a regular occupant, generally spending her weekends in room 29. Jim Morrisson also had his quarters here and famously fell from the hotel's roof. John Belushi died in bungalow 3, which is available for around $4,000 per night. More recently, in 2012, Lindsay Lohan is said to have forgotten to pay her $46,000 bill at the hotel.

Karl Lagerfeld

The Villa La Vigie in Monaco was the residence of Chanel's creative director Karl Lagerfeld for over a decade. The 6,458 square-foot property, which was renovated in the 1990s, includes no less than six bedrooms and four bathrooms, along with a 2,551 square-foot terrace and a jacuzzi. Vacationers can spend a week at the villa for around $35,000.