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To me, stripes are timeless, limitless, and fabulous. A striped top can be paired with printed bottoms, statement jewels, and any color shoe. Striped bottoms can be paired with the same options. Stripes have become such a staple in my wardrobe, it's as if the pattern is a solid. The look is a simple, effortless one, especially in the summer. Throw on a striped top with a pair of color shorts. Bam, you have a minimalist yet chic outfit. If you can do stripes correctly, you're on the right track.

"A vertically striped blouse looks great with white trousers or jeans. Vertically striped pants or skirts can make you look taller and in style when worn with a solid-colored tee. for dresses, avoid horizontal stripes that widen your shape. When paired with the right pieces, stripes can really enhance your figure and keep you looking up-to-date," says Marie Claire magazine.

On numerous runways this season, designers mixed thick and thin stripes or pairing stripes with floral patterns. These were amazing looks on the runway, but may not work day-to-day. If you keep it simple, and only mix prints a bit, then you can pull it off. The key to wearing stripes off the runway is to always wear just one print matched with a solid, or not to mix the prints. Keep your summer style as chic as can be, and utilize your abilities to wear stripes fantastically. You'll be glad you did. Just remember: Keep it simple, but spice it up. Make heads turn!

Be timeless, limitless, and fabulous.

xx, ZM