The golden girls of the fashion industry
The golden girls of the fashion industry

I want to share my everyday life more, instead of just sharing photos from Pinterest and creating Polyvores of outfits that I love. I have a great camera, so I may as well use it! Here's a look at my Monday night, and some of the organizing I'm trying to do. Remember to say cheers to changes in life, everything has its way of falling into place. Here goes nothing...

My favorite magazine of the month: Harper's Bazaar (left) and Vogue (right). I'm too obsessed with the Vogue cover. I didn't think I was a big fan of Kate Upton until I read all about her in this issue, and she's definitely someone to look up to. She's bringing forth a beautiful, fuller body image to the fashion scene, and I love that.

Who doesn't love these golden girls of the fashion industry? Reading Grace Coddington's memoir was too much fun, she's quite the woman. She's creative director at Vogue, for those of you who don't know. She's a big name in fashion, and she's a very interesting, funny woman. And the biography about Coco Chanel was so charming, what a life she led. The Chanel name will live on forever.

These three pieces are my staples, and I rarely take them off. I've had my Cape Cod bracelet for many years, and I still love it. It reminds me of the summer and of course, the Cape! What's not to love? I got my watch for my birthday from my boyfriend, Zach, and it's one of the best gifts I've ever gotten. It's comfortable, reliable and every time I look at the time, I think of him.


Not too shabby! And my diamond ring is a little symbol of this blog and my dedication to it, it's a long story but it was gifted to me.

Last but not least, we have my favorite issue of Vogue, a picture of Zach and me from last summer in York, Maine, one of our favorite places to go when it gets warmer. It's beautiful and so relaxing, and spending time with Zach is something I really, really value. And who's that little guy on the left? Ah yes, my baby Louis Vuitton.

Last but not least...
Last but not least...
I love this bag with all my heart, and he's been with me since fifth grade. I've bought another since, but it'll always be my fave. I was introduced to the fashion scene pretty young. I'm very blessed to be able to say that. I'd like to think Louis is my boyfriend, too, so I put him next to the photo of Zach and me!

And that's just a look into my Monday night + my favorite details.

I hope you enjoyed it.

xx, ZM