On Monday, April 15, Brittany Loring was one of the many hundreds of individuals who were victims of the bombing at the finish line at the Boston Marathon.

Brittany sustained injuries to her legs, but thanks to the work of first responders and the doctors at Boston Medical Center, Brittany has begun the process of recovery.

Brittany's parents, sisters, and her fiancé John wish to thank those individuals who saved her life and saved the lives of so many others. Additionally, they thank everyone who has passed along prayers and well-wishes to Brittany and her loved ones.

In lieu of flowers and gifts, Brittany's family asks that supporters and well-wishers please donate to a recovery fund that has been established for her. The details on where an individual can donate are below:

Recovery Fund for Brittany A. Loring

Fidelity Bank

9 Leominster Connector

Leominster, MA 01453