PEPPERELL -- Health Agent Kalene Gendron advised the Board of Health of a second complaint filed against a South Road property for an "off odor" coming from water provided to employees on the site.

Gendron explained that "nontransient, noncommunity water systems" require routine testing.

"After receiving the complaints, I did two site inspections. I've confirmed what the complainant has said," said Gendron.

"Basically what the state says is if you're going to provide a water source to individuals/employees for x amount of employees over x amount of days per year, you need to provide a safe potable water source," she said.

The water comes from a private well on the site. The location contains a fuel station and parking for school buses. Gendron noted that the owner of the property agreed to flush out the well and replace filters following the first complaint last year.

"Obviously it didn't happen because I got a second complaint," said Gendron, who plans to send a letter to the property owner, whom she identified as David Lorden.

A septic system that has been in failure at 14 Yale St. for several years has once again not met the design requirements for an update septic permit.

"I just looked at the revised plans today and there are still deficiencies with this. This will be the fourth time I'm sending it back, and I'm asking for a full review fee again," said Gendron.

"I'm going forward at a snail's pace with this one," she said.


The board voted to retain the Emergency Trailer on town property rather than transfer it to another Region 2 community. The trailer is being stored outside at the cemetery maintenance garage.

The board approved a funeral director license for McGaffigan Funeral Home for one year. An upgrade septic permit was approved for 4 Bancroft St.

The board approved the reappointment of Robin Hebert for a one-year term as animal inspector. Her term will run from May 1, 2013, through April 30, 2014.

-- Paul MacDonald