AYER -- Someone's pot delivery plan went up in smoke. That's the end result in Ayer after a homeowner discovered a box shipped via United Parcel Service sitting by their door. Not recognizing the addressee's name on the box, the homeowner contacted UPS, which came by and picked up the package.

With no other contact information on the box, workers at the UPS distribution center opened the box to see if they could find sender information inside. No such luck.

Instead, they found a large plastic tote containing lots of new clothes, including a game-quality New York Yankees baseball shirt.

There were also several vacuum packed bundles of marijuana ranging from a half-pound to one-pound each. It's estimated the street value of the marijuana is $60,000.

Are you expecting such a package? Well, the Ayer Police would like to speak to you.

"What was probably supposed to happen was that the box was to be delivered while nobody was home and left on the door step," said Lt. Brian Gill. "The person expecting the package would then go to the 'drop' location and pick up the package off of the step and the actual homeowner would never know what happened or that their address was used. In this case, the homeowner was home and sent the package back to UPS."

To claim the shipment, contact the Ayer Police at 978-772-8200. "If you can tell us which player's number is on back of the shirt, we would like reunite you with your property," said Gill.

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