AYER -- The deadline for submitting nomination papers to secure a spot on the town election ballot was Monday at 5 p.m. The town election will take place on Tuesday, April 30 -- the same days as the statewide special primary election for U.S. Senate to fill the seat vacated by John Kerry.

All 18 candidates who pulled nomination papers for townwide office attained ballot positions.

There is a four-way race for one selectmen seat. There is a three-way race for the one treasurer seat.

Most races include the incumbent seeking re-election. There are no vacancies that do not have at least one candidate seeking the post.

Besides appearing as a name printed on the ballot, the only other way to secure any of the elected offices through the town election would be by launching a sticker or "write-in" campaign.

The following names will appear on the printed ballot for the following available seats:

Assessor (three-year term) -- incumbent Denis Callahan (incumbent)

Board of Health (two seats are available for one year and three years, respectively) -- Heather Hasz and Pamela Papineau (both serving now by dual appointment of the selectmen and Board of Health)

Commissioner of Trust Funds (three-year term) -- incumbent James Stephen (incumbent)

Constable (three-year term) -- Clark Paige (incumbent)

Housing Authority (five-year term) -- Robert Moore (incumbent)

Library Trustee (three-year term) -- Debbie Pedrazzi (incumbent)

Moderator (three-year term) -- Thomas Horgan Jr.


Park Commissioner (three-year term) -- Sarah Gibbons (incumbent)

Planning Board (five-year term) -- Morris Babcock

Regional School Committee (three-year term) -- Patrick Kelly (incumbent)

selectman (three-year term) -- Mark Coulter, Jannice Livingston, Frank Maxant (incumbent), Jane Morriss

Treasurer (3 year term) -- Stephanie Gintner (incumbent), Glen LaPierre, Gary Luca.

The town election will be held from 7 a.m. till 8 p.m. The last day to register to vote in the town election, state special Senate primary and annual Ayer Town Meeting is Wednesday, April 10, at 8 p.m. at the town clerk's office.

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