HARVARD -- The Harvard Friends of the Arts will perform "The 39 Steps," a radio play by Joe Landry, Saturday, March 2, at Volunteers Hall in the Harvard Public Library, starting at 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 7 p.m. Admission is free. Donations are appreciated. The play is being produced by special arrangement with Playscripts Inc.

Aficionados of Alfred Hitchcock's "The 39 Steps" will see -- and hear -- much of what made this an historic film. And those new to "The 39 Steps" will appreciate getting introduced to one of Hitchcock's first and best innocent-man-on-the-run stories.

A case can be made that "The 39 Steps" is unique within the Hitchcock oeuvre in how it so masterfully combines elements of film noir mystery with screwball comedy (unlike "The Trouble with Harry," which really is a comedy with a murder in it).

This year's Old Time Radio Theatre production is being produced and directed by Bob Eiland. Bill Cordner will serve as the sound foley for digital effects and Danno Sullivan for human/mechanical sound effects. Joan Eliyesil has composed original music for the performance's musical interludes and jingles for our live commercials. Judy Wong is technical director and stage manager.

This year for the first time, the HFOA Radio Players of the Air will substitute original, contemporary commercials for the ones provided in the script. Prepare for a couple of surprises!

The cast includes Didi Chadran playing six different roles, Tim Clark playing four, Bob Eiland as Richard Hannay, who is on the lam with the character of Pamela Stewart, played by JulieAnn Govang.


Keith Myles will take on six different roles, and Mary Helan Turner a grand total of 10. Sullivan will also emcee the commercials and our singing chorus will be composed of Britt Argow-Sniderman, Joan Eliyesil and JulieAnn Govang.

Reservations are suggested. To reserve seats, call the library at 978-456-4114.

Harvard Friends of the Arts is a subcommittee of the Friends of the Harvard Public Library and was founded in 2007 as the new library was being built. The original impetus was for a group of volunteers to bring performance to a great space called Volunteers Hall located in the "old" part of the new library. The mission/vision of the HFOA is to encourage, stimulate and promote high quality, diverse professional and amateur creative talents that will enhance the quality of life of our community. We want to create a central gathering place and community resource where people support the transformative power of artistic expression.