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Harvard Community Theater's production of the musical "Crossing Brooklyn" is one of the state finalists that will be participating in the New England Regional Festival this Saturday at the Performing Arts Center at Chelmsford High School.

"Crossing Brooklyn" is a modern musical composed by Bromfield graduate Jenny Giering that deals with the emotional aftermath of September 11th in New York City. The show tells the story of Des and AJ, a young, idealistic couple, both public school teachers, bent on changing the world, one kid at a time. Life is full of promise and endless possibility until Des begins to unravel under the weight of her fears, ignited by that fateful September day. Splitting apart under the strain, Des and AJ struggle to find their way back to each other. The lessons they learn, though the people they meet, changes them forever.

Directed by HCT artistic director Michael McGarty, the cast features Pat Lawrence as Des Delaria and Ethan Butler as AJ Delaria with Kat Aberle, Martha Brooks, William Fafard, Chris Karalekas, Steven Kosakow, Bonnie Marchesani, Kathy Bilodeau and Mark Soucy in supporting roles.

The winner of the Regional Festival will go on to the National Festival and compete with 12 other regions in the country on June 17-23 in Carmel Indiana. AACT FEST brings together the best community theatre productions from across the country and the U. S. Armed Services in Europe. Adjudicators critique each performance and awards are presented for outstanding work in performance, including production, acting, directing, lighting, sound, sets, costumes and more.


The "Crossing Brooklyn" performance is scheduled for noon on Saturday, Feb. 23. Information about all the shows in the festival and ticket purchasing is available online at