The Harvard Historical Commission recently launched its website.

The Commission is chartered with the preservation, protection and development of all historical and archeological assets of the town, including its two historical districts.

Earlier in the year, the HHC set out to investigate the possibility of a website to further its preservation mission. In December, HHC finalized its work on the website and opened it to the general public.

The website includes several pages and a blog. Some of the pages cover the Commission's charter, calendar and current direction. Also, historical districts, other historical assets, and historical walks are described, each on their respective pages. A "bookshelf" includes reference material, photo slide presentations and other documentation relevant to the preservation of its historical assets. Most materials in the website are downloadable.

Some residents have already discovered the website and have engaged with the HHC in a dialogue on some topics. The HHC encourages all residents to visit the site to discover Harvard's historical assets and to help the HHC in its historical preservation mission.

The website operates within the WordPress domain at no cost to the town of Harvard. Visit


Vice Chair

Harvard Historical Commission