AYER -- Passersby may have noticed the foundation at 63 Main St. is now filled in. It was the site of the former Roux building, which was devastated by fire on June 18. Seven adults and two children were displaced by the fire, but no one was injured in the five-alarm blaze.

On Tuesday, Phil Berry confirmed that he's entered into a purchase and sales agreement to buy the remaining lot from Littleton brothers Matthew and Michael Fields, who are the co-trustees of M&M Realty Trust.

Asked his plans for the lot, Berry would only say "none at this time."

Loads of fill were delivered last week. The site is again secured by a chainlink fence.

As of Tuesday, Feb. 5, at noon, there was no deed found at the Registry of Deeds online database. Berry confirmed the "deed has not been passed yet."

Matthew Field said on Tuesday, "The fire really, really hurt us both financially and emotionally. We put a tremendous amount of time and effort in there and (the fire) just changed our outlook. We were very fortunate that no one was killed."

The basement of the building was undergoing extensive renovation with plans for the Fields to open a new seafood restaurant to be called the Sidetracked Pub. Field said those plans are finished.

"We love the town of Ayer; we still own a lot of property in Ayer," said Field. "But we're builders, not bar owners. After going through it, it really took its toll on the two of us. It was a lesson learned -- a very expensive lesson.



Field said the lot is a buildable lot. "We had very much considered building it back up." Ultimately the investors did not agree and so the lot was sold, said Field.

M&M Realty had purchased the property from North Middlesex Savings Bank in July 2011 for $340,000. The bank had foreclosed on the property in November 2010.

At the time of the fire, the building also housed a Subway restaurant.

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