AYER -- When Groton police responded to a report of a fight at an Old Lantern Lane address in Groton last May, officers allege they found a three-way fight, blood in the apartment and marijuana.

In Ayer District Court last week, Joe J. Medeiros Jr., 26, of 1 Old Lantern Lane, Groton, was convicted of possession of a class D drug, possession of marijuana, and disturbing the peace, according to a court official.

He was sentenced to a year in the Middlesex House of Correction in Billerica.

According to court documents, police were dispatched at 9:48 a.m. on May 9, 2012 to Old Lantern Lane for a loud argument. When police arrived they found no outdoor fight, but checked with the people at 1 Old Lantern Lane.

When officers were allowed inside, they spoke to two females who said there was a fight between three intoxicated men, all friends, that got out of control. Officers noticed the living room was in disarray and there was a blood-soaked shirt on the coffee table.

Medeiros and another man were bleeding on the floor in the kitchen. Police did a protective sweep of the home for the other victim.

During their search, police said they found in plain in view in a bedroom a large quantity of marijuana in large gallon plastic baggies, as well as a bag of illicit mushrooms, and a scale.

In a square safe, police found a large amount of cash and ammunition. Police could not find a firearm.


Police allege that Medeiros claimed responsibility for the drugs and the cash.