AYER -- Who can save 800 pounds of Styrofoam, 3.8 tons of electronics, 30 bicycles, 1,600 books, 3 barrels of returnable bottles and cans, 33 boxes of unused athletic shoes, a ton of plastic, 500+ non-recyclable plastic bags, a 53 foot long trailer truck full of household goods for the Lowell Wish Project and 2,600 pounds of textiles for Bay State Textiles from landfills?

Add in a ton of shredded paper -- the equivalent of savings 16.4 mature trees and 6,700 gallons of water?

Look no further than Ayer Recycling Committee Chair Laurie Sabol, who has championed the town's Recycle Your Reusables Day for the past four years.

The Oct. 20 effort also generated $1,800 worth of food and cash donations for Loaves and Fishes pantry on Devens.

The Board of Selectmen lauded Sabol on Nov. 27 for orchestrating the multi-faceted event with the presentation of flowers and a certificate thanking her for her dedicated service to the town.

In addition to keeping the material from ending up in landfills, the certificate of recognition applauds Sabol for working to "conserve natural resources to help sustain the environment for future Ayer generations."