AYER -- It was an intimate service aside Town Hall on Saturday as residents gathered to honor veterans of military service for Veterans Day.

American Foreign Legion Post 139 of Ayer Commander Betty Ann Matozel led the service with solemn comments.

"On Veterans Day we commemorate the service of veterans of all wars," said Matozel. "We remember how men and women set aside their civilian pursuits to serve their nation's cause, defending the freedom of mankind and preserving our precious American heritage."

John Gamelin played taps while Legion Chaplain J. Walter Forest led a Veterans Day prayer.

"O God of Hosts, we bow our heads in thankfulness for the victories Thou has granted us -- to us and to those peoples who have united with us to stamp out evils of aggression, intolerance and greed," said Forest. "Grant us patience in planning with our fellow men and women a world in which nations may resolve their differences by peaceful means."

"Courage is one of the virtues born of war -- the courage of individuals in the face of danger and the courage of nations to protect the weak and punish the aggressor," said Sergeant-at-Arms Frank Harmon. "There is bravery to be shown in peace as well. May we recapture the courage which turned the wilderness into cities that bound men together under government."

"Out of blood and sweat we learned of the purpose, sacrifice, tolerance, bravery and discipline," said Matozel. "These are solid foundations stones upon which a great nation is built. In our continuing quest for an honorable world peace, we must cultivate these virtues.