A.M. 10:09 house lockout, Willowdale Road; 10:52 motor-vehicle crash, without injury, Forge Village Road.

P.M. 3:37 motor-vehicle crash, without injury, Chicopee Row; 4:46 burglar, Pepperell Road; 5:33 motor-vehicle crash, without injury, Boston Road; 6:03 suspicious activity, Oxbow Lane; 9:22 animal hit by motor-vehicle, Longley Road at Paquawket Path.


A.M. 6:40 burglar alarm, Adams Ave.; 8:23 suspicious activity, Lowell Road; 9:34 serve summons, Whiting Ave.; 9:36 burglar alarm, Lowell Road; 10:13 suspicious activity, Blossom Lane.

P.M. 3:06 motor-vehicle lockout, West Main Street; 3:28 domestic, Cedar Road, ARREST: Mary C. Gillis, 16 Cedar Road, Groton, CHARGES: assault & battery, Class B drug possession, drug paraphernalia, possess to distribute; 4:12 vehicle lockout, Main Street; 4:24 lost/found property, Whiley Road; 5:00 malicious mischief, Broadmeadow Road; 5:39 dog complaint, Chicopee Row; 6:52 motor-vehicle lockout, North Street; 8:33 medical emergency, Main Street; 9:25 vehicle lockout, Boston Road.


A.M. 8:03 burglar alarm, Painted Post Road; 9:33 suspicious activity, Chicopee Row; 10:21 motor-vehicle complaint, Gay at Boston roads; 11:18 fire/gas leak, Shirley Road; 11:29 medical emergency, Main Street.



12:29 assist other police agency, Skyfields Drive; 2:42 burglary, Hawtree Way; 2:43 vandalism, Northwoods Road; 5:23 burglar alarm, Martins Pond Road (building checked/secured); 6:14 burglary, Valliria Drive; 7:10 safety hazard, Lowell Road; 8:43 motor-vehicle complaint, Boston Road, ARREST: Ortega A. Amauris, 439 Riverside Drive, Lawrence, CHARGES: marked lanes violation, OUI liquor, operating with license suspended/revoked, possession of class B drug.


A.M. 6:19 burglar alarm, Adams Ave.; 8:20 motor-vehicle complaint, Main at Elm streets; 9:21 parking violation, Main Street; 11:57 suspicious activity, Culver Road.

P.M. 2:01 medical emergency, Main Street; 3:58 suspicious activity, Forge Village Road; 4:31 house lockout, Willowdale Road; 5:43 medical emergency, Old Ayer Road; 10:37 burglar alarm, Main Street.


A.M. 2:34 welfare check, Willowdale Road; 9:25 burglar alarm, Main Street; 9:41 suspicious activity, Drumlin Hill Road; 9:53 building found open, Lowell Road; 10:38 suspicious activity, Townsend Road; 11:11 assist other police agency, Forge Village Road; 11:56 disabled motor-vehicle, Mill Street.

P.M. 1:01 fire alarm, Longley Road; 2:07 motor vehicle accident, without injury, Boston Road; 2:38 disabled motor-vehicle, Lowell Road at Shattuck Street; 4:01 serve summons, Lowell Road; 5:52 serve summons, Whiting Ave.; 5:59 suspicious activity, Main Street; 8:05 medical emergency, Hillside Ave.; 9:53 motor-vehicle complaint, Main Street.


A.M. :46 motor-vehicle stop, Farmers Row at Culver Road, ARREST: Robert E. Graves, 91 Center Road, Shirley, CHARGES: OUI drugs, negligent operation of a motor-vehicle, marked lanes violation; 3:32 suspicious activity, Lowell at Gay roads; 10:01 suspicious activity, Farmers Row.

P.M. 2:32 civil complaint, School House Road; 5:25 medical emergency, Farmers Row; 10:35 larceny, Boston Road.


A.M. 9:11 fire alarm, Powderhouse Road.

P.M. 1:03 parking violation, Playground Road; 1:39 assist Lowell police; 2:07 hunting complaint, Prescott Street; 5:14 vandalism, Cow Pond Brook Road; 8:40 suspicious activity, Farmers Row.