PEPPERELL -- Board of Health members are unhappy that three property owners ignored requests to appear before them last week to discuss health and safety noncompliance issues.

The properties in question are 5 Palmer St., 52 Lowell St., and 129 Main St. In the case of the Palmer Street property, board member Phillip Durno said, "I'm in favor of giving her one last shot."

"Sounds good to me. But I'd be even more strict than that," said board member John Marriner.

Durno stated that the board should agree to bring the case to court should the owner fail to resolve the issues cited in the enforcement order by Oct. 25.

The board agreed to send one more letter to the owner of 52 Lowell Road requesting attendance at the Oct. 16 board meeting to address noncompliance with health and safety issues at that address. In the case of 129 Main St., Marriner volunteered to meet with the owner to discuss resolution.

The board restated its inability to secure testing records dating back to 1997 for the Boynton Street landfill. The board has been seeking to reduce the testing at the site for an annual savings of $700. The state Department of Environmental Protection asked for those records before it decides the issue.

"We don't have the dollars to hire someone to wade through the files, when they already have it," said Marriner.

"They're going to deny our request because we were unresponsive to them concerning the information they requested," he said.


"They want 14 years of reports," said member Phillip Durno.

Chairman Alfred Buckley suggested that the board secretary could take the time to locate the records for a savings over 15 years of $10,500.

The board agreed to send a letter sent to Gregory Root at the DEP with a copy going to state Rep. Sheila Harrington. Marriner also agreed to speak directly with both.

The board acknowledged that there may have been some recreational day camps operating in the town during the past year without necessary permitting. The permit costs $10 with inspections conducted by the Nashoba Boards of Health. The board is required to submit a form each year to the state with information on the camps.

The board agreed to table a discussion on a health and safety complaint against 37 Leighton St. until ownership of the property is identified.

"It's been vacant for quite a while," said Buckley, who noted that the complaint focused on rodents, skunks and overgrown vegetation.

The board approved a well permit for 87 Lawrence St.