State Representative: 1st Middlesex

Talk with Bob Hargraves, R-Groton, about almost any issue that has faced his district in the last 14 years and he will respond with a litany of facts and details that make very clear his knowledge of and commitment to his district. To us, it makes sense to build on that knowledge base and experience, not throw it out and start again with someone new.

State Representative: 37th Middlesex

Both candidates are newcomers to state service but our pick is democrat Jen Benson. While we believe strongly in the need to increase republican representation in Boston, we also support a strong focus on the people of this district. We like what we hear from Benson; a reflection, no doubt, of her service to Lunenburg town government. We believe she has a good handle on what's important to a town and its people and will bring that understanding to Beacon Hill.

State Senate: Middlesex and Worcester

The ability of democrat Jamie Eldridge to serve a constituency in an efficient, responsible and caring manner is well established. He has become a well-known figure as 37th Middlesex District representative and, we believe, is ready to step up to the Senate. Jamie knows the issues that face this region and he has learned how to get things done. Our state is in peril and it's no time to break someone in.

Congress: We favor republican challenger Jeff Beatty over incumbent democrat John Kerry; and Republican challenger Nathan Bech over incumbent Democrat John Olver.


Both gentlemen took the time to visit our towns, get a feel for the area and speak with residents, unlike the incumbents. The people of our area are surrounded by folks who are losing their jobs, who can't afford the fuel to heat their homes, and who are talking about lean holidays and a leaner new year. Someone must answer for the financial meltdown that is throwing so many lives into fear and chaos and the blame belongs to those now seated on both sides of the political aisle. Let's inject some new blood into this Congressional quagmire of power and greed.

President of the United States

America's security is issue number one and we would prefer not to step back in time with a newcomer but to build on the strides already made. We believe John McCain has the experience, knowledge and understanding to evaluate our nation's course and lead her in the right direction. We seek success in our pursuit of peace and democracy and a lasting legacy for those who sacrifice for our cause.

John McCain has shown his willingness to reach across the aisle -- no matter the issue -- to achieve the best result. Such bipartisan efforts are at the heart of democracy's principles and will be the vehicles of resolution to our nation's woes.

We have great respect for John McCain's service to this country; his patriotism is unquestioned. He believes in the America for which our forebears fought and it is that ideal for which he strives.

For all he has done and all he can yet do, we endorse the McCain/Palin ticket for president.

Ballot Questions:

1. Eliminate or reduce state income taxes. No, too many people will suffer and it will not solve our problems. Only removing those politicians who turn their backs on us will do that.

2. Replace criminal penalties for possession of one ounce or less of marijuana. Yes, the legal system has far more serious matters to contend with.

3. Prohibit dog racing where wagering occurs. Yes, we don't trust this industry to care for its dogs.

4. Shall the state representative from this district be instructed to vote in favor of legislation that would allow seriously ill patients, with their doctor's written recommendation, to possess and grow small amounts of marijuana for their personal medical use? Yes, we should allow these people whatever help they can find through this proven means of relief.