An Ayer resident and retired firefighter has been identified as the victim of a fatal motorcycle crash in Maine on Tuesday.

Berwick police say Steven Mickle, 63, died from an accident that occurred about 2:12 p.m. Mickle's 2004 Harley Davidson rear-ended a South Berwick resident's Toyota Camry as it was turning onto at an intersection, according to the Berwick Police Department's Facebook page.

The crash is under investigation.

Mickle was a 13-year member of the Ayer Fire Department, and had retired as an employee for Groton's Department of Public Works.

Mickle had participated in Groton's annual firefighters' muster on Monday, riding his red motorcycle as part of the Massachusetts chapter of the Red Knights motorcycle club. A picture of Mickle appeared in Tuesday's Sun.

Ayer Fire Chief Robert Pedrazzi said that picture is how he will always remember Mickle.

"He loved that motorcycle -- he used to lead out the Thanksgiving Day road race we had there," Pedrazzi said. "He liked to go out in the front in all the parades and stuff. That was his life, unfortunately it was the end of his life."

Pedrazzi said Mickle's involvement in the Red Knights motorcycle group was a big part of his life. His motorcycle had murals from 9/11 and he used to bring it to shows with the group.