On August 25 at approx 2:30 at Groton Place/Sabine Woods aka the "Dog Park," our puppy was bitten by a WHITE dog that seemed to be a GOLDENDOODLE, Poodle or Labradoodle.

Our puppy only had a small bite and is completely OK. Amidst the stress, we did not ask the owner about the vaccination status of the white dog.

Our puppy is only 14 weeks and due to her age she has not yet received the rabies vaccine. According to our vet, because we don't know the vaccination status of the dog, we must ASSUME our puppy now has rabies. This means she is mandated to be on QUARENTINE for 6 months.

As you can imagine, as new dog owners, we are devastated. Our puppy can no longer play and swim at the dog park and meet new friends.

The white dog was wearing a blue collar and was with her owners who were a mother and her daughter (maybe 10 years old?).

Please, if you see the owner, or are the owner, call 978-877-7436 or 508-574-0377. All is forgiven and our puppy is OK. We simply want to determine the dog's vaccination status so our puppy can be taken off quarantine and run and play and enjoy being a puppy again.

Thank you for your cooperation and help!


Meredith Abel