The Stop the Pipeline group of concerned citizens issued the following statement today upon the news that Governor Patrick "has decided to put his support for this massive infrastructure investment on hold." If approved the proposal could have been a factor for Kinder Morgan's 250 mile pipeline through the North of Massachusetts.

"We are extremely pleased that the Governor heard us. He responded to the thousands of petitions, the scores of small business owners, land trusts, conservation commissions and homeowners across the state," said Cathy Kristofferson from Stop the Pipeline, "We can't rush into more natural gas, we must study all the options before jumping into projects that would permanently impact farms, forests, wetlands and countless acres of private property."

Members of Stop the Pipeline, in cooperation with citizens groups across Massachusetts, helped organize the rolling march across the state and the rally in Boston to deliver over 10 thousand petitions to Governor Patrick. In the month of July, organizers estimate nearly 2,000 people participated in an action against the Kinder Morgan pipeline and the proposed tariff.