BOSTON -- As part of Governor Patrick's Women in the Workforce Initiative, Labor and Workforce Development Secretary Rachel Kaprielian today announced that applications are now open for at least 14 fellowship positions that have been created within the Executive Branch of state government. Fellows would serve in senior leadership positions for a year as part of the effort to grow the pipeline of women for careers that lead to executive offices and board rooms.

"I am excited for this first phase of our Women in the Workforce Initiative," said Governor Patrick. "By redefining our own strategies to support women in the workplace, we will strengthen our economy and build a better Commonwealth for generations to come."

"With nearly half of senior positions filled by women, the Patrick Administration has led by example in advancing women in the workforce," said Secretary Kaprielian. "We anticipate that the Massachusetts Women's Leadership Fellowship will help expand opportunities for women leaders in the private sector where, by comparison, they've trailed in progressing their careers."

The Patrick Administration is partnering with Bentley University and its Center for Women in Business to administer the program and engage fellows in leadership development and networking programs. Nearly 300 graduate students have already expressed an interest in applying for a fellowship.

"There's been much conversation about "leaning in," and I support the concept," said Bentley President Gloria Larson.


"But we need the business community and other professional organizations to also "lean in and make changes that will help women move up the ladder in a way that complements busy lives and many responsibilities. This model is one that any organization or state can adopt. And it ensures that we are all doing our part to expand the number of talented and experienced women leaders."

Governor Patrick announced the Women in the Workforce initiative in March to improve the outcome for all women in the workplace across the economic spectrum--an important step in recognizing the key role women play in the economic competitiveness of the Commonwealth.

In addition to the fellowship program, the Governor also created a 30-member Successful Women, Successful Families taskforce. Chaired by Secretary Kaprielian, the task force is charged with developing recommendations that the Commonwealth can implement as an employer to advance women in the workplace and challenge the private sector to establish similar programs.

Graduate students can submit applications for the fellowships through May 30. Applicants will be screened and interviews conducted by the agencies in June with selections to be announced by June 30.

The task force has created a special webpage for more information on the fellowships and links to Bentley University to apply online.

Fellowship positions have been created in the following Cabinets:

Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development:

Department of Unemployment Assistance - Labor Market and Workforce Information Services Director

Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development - Director of Analytics

Mass Development - Project Manager

Executive Office of Health and Human Services - Senior Health Policy Analyst

MassHealth - Health Care Reform Development Associate

Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs - Director of Environmental Justice

Executive Office of Administration & Finance - Fiscal Policy Analyst

Information Technology Division - Chief of Staff

Department of Revenue - Strategic Risk Management Initiatives Manager

Massachusetts Department of Transportation-

Associate Director of Title VI Planning Strategies

Associate Director of Risk and Performance Management, Office of Transportation Planning

Director of GreenDOT Policy Development

Policy and Strategic Initiatives Manager

Registry of Motor Vehicles Marketing and Customer Service Officer