BOSTON -- Steve Grossman, the state's treasurer and a candidate for governor, said on Wednesday that he would debate gun control with the head of the Gun Owners' Action League on the front steps of the State House on Thursday using the opportunity to separate himself from Democratic frontrunner Martha Coakley.

Grossman and GOAL Executive Director Jim Wallace plan to debate gun safety measures, including Gov. Deval Patrick's proposal to limit gun purchases to one-per month. Gun violence prevention legislation has been a percolating in the House for over a year, but has yet to surface.

Grossman said he would like to see any bill coming out of the Legislature this session include the purchase limit as well as a requirement that gun manufacturers to use smart gun technology and the creation an interstate regional task force to deal with cross-state gun trafficking.

Coakley, the state's attorney general, does not support limiting gun purchases to one per month. According to a partial statement released by Grossman, Wallace credited Coakley with being "wary of quick fixes" and knocked Grossman for being "uninformed" on how guns are trafficked. Grossman's campaign said Coakley was invited to attend the 1 p.m. debate.