By Chris Camire


LANCASTER -- A 41-year-old woman was flown by medical helicopter to a Worcester hospital after crashing her car on Main Street following a police chase.

Police said the driver hit a vehicle in Stow but did not stop. Soon after, she was in a second hit-and-run accident in Bolton.

Lancaster police spotted the vehicle, a Toyota Camry LE, at Harvard Road on Route 117. They pursued the vehicle with their sirens and lights turned on, but the driver did not stop.

The driver lost control of her vehicle due to the fact that the rear passenger side wheel of the car had lost its tire, police said. She flipped her car while traveling around a bend on Route 117, landing on a parked Cadillac sedan parked in the driveway of a home at 2159 Main Street.

Firefighters removed the driver from the vehicle with the aid of hydraulic tools. She appeared alert and conscious, according to a firefighter on the scene, but lost part of a finger.