Historic Community Leader and Modern Financial Provider Updates Its Look

(AYER, Mass., September 9, 2013) -- North Middlesex Savings Bank (nmsb.com), a community bank serving the Nashoba Valley for nearly 130 years, today unveiled its new corporate identity, including a new logo and tagline. Developed with McDougall & Duval Advertising, an Amesbury firm that specializes in branding and marketing financial institutions, the branding initiative is the first time North Middlesex Savings Bank has updated its look since 1989.

"While North Middlesex Savings Bank regularly enhances the products and services we offer customers, we hadn't updated our own look and feel in several decades," said President & CEO Walter Dwyer. "The Bank's leadership team and the Board of Trustees agreed that the time was right to review our identity and update our brand to ensure that the public recognized us as the modern financial institution we are."

Working with their agency, the Bank conducted an in-depth brand positioning study that explored how the Bank was perceived by its staff, customers and the communities it serves. With the results of that two-month branding study in hand, McDougall & Duval developed a new look that better reflected the modern institution that is North Middlesex Savings Bank.

North Middlesex Savings Bank introduced a new tagline of "Smart banking made easy," which promises that not only will the Bank make sure customers have access to financial savvy and effective solutions, the staff will ensure customers fully understand their options while delivering a simple and pleasant banking experience.


Dwyer also described how the new "Star" logo reflects what NMSB stands for to both the public and our staff.

"Everyone understands that stars have been used for navigation for centuries," he explained. "Like the North Star, NMSB has been a steady beacon to customers and the communities we serve, helping them navigate the economic ups and downs that our region has seen in the past. Our new logo embraces that role and shows that we will continue that role well into the future."

"Internally," he added, "the symbol of the star represents the STAR Values that the Bank and its staff are committed to: Service, Teamwork, Accountability and Respect. Incorporating a star in our primary corporate identifier serves as a constant reminder of those values."

The new branding and marketing look will continue to roll out during 2013.