DEVENS -- The Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce will host its annual Community Service and Leadership Awards event in November, more information to follow.

Nomination forms are now available. Any citizen of the greater Nashoba Valley Region may submit nominations for each category of awards. Nominees must be a resident, company or company employee of the Nashoba Valley Region. If there is an individual or business that you think is deserving of a CSLA award, please submit a nomination on their behalf.

Each year up to seven individuals and businesses are selected for three award categories.

The Roy L. Jeannotte Award is given to an outstanding company or organization that has made a substantial contribution to the lasting enhancement of the Nashoba Valley region by demonstrating exceptional leadership and community involvement.

The Robert W. Lewis Award is given to an outstanding Citizen/Volunteer who has advanced the community through his or her contributions of talent, time and efforts.

In addition, the NVCoC will hand out an Outstanding Business and Professional Person award. This award is given to a business or professional person who through extraordinary effort in his/her chosen field has contributed significantly to the Nashoba Valley Region.

Award recipients will be feted with a gala reception, a "This Is Your Life" PowerPoint presentation and of course the coveted award.

Nomination forms are available from the chamber office by calling 978-772-6976 or by checking out our website at www.nvcoc.

com and must be returned to the chamber office no later than Sept. 7.