DEVENS -- Travel over the Jackson Road Bridge, located above Route 2, has been restricted for large vehicles, following a crash last month. The restrictions are in place until repairs are made.

The bridge, which was listed on the state's Accelerated Bridge Program, was scheduled for repair, rehabilitation or replacement.

"If it had to happen, it's a relatively good thing," said Michael Verseckes, spokesman for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. "This one was programmed to be replaced."

Verseckes said an "over-height" truck struck the bridge on May 14, destroying the steel middle section or "super-structure," and the concrete under-structure. The collision damaged three of seven beams supporting the bridge.

The state spokesman said there were no surveillance cameras at the location. Initially, he said, state officials were most concerned about personal injuries and the condition of the bridge after the crash.

"This will impact trucks, not most passenger vehicles," he said, adding that the state had contacted a number of local businesses that operate delivery trucks, informing them of the bridge restrictions.

The Jackson Road Bridge is one of more than 540 bridges statewide in the state program started in 2007. According to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation website, as of January 1, 2013, the Accelerated Bridge Program has advertised 117 construction projects.


Of these, 13 projects are scheduled to repair or replace 256 bridges across the state; 39 involve maintenance and preservation; 172 have been awarded to a contractor; and 121 have been "declared complete" by the state.

The Department of Transportation has placed weight restrictions on vehicles crossing the Jackson Road Bridge, based on the number of axles, and has provided alternative routes.

The limits are:

* Two-axle vehicle -- 13 tons

* Three-axle vehicle -- 16 tons

* Five-axle vehicle -- 20 tons

Alternative routes are as follows:

Route 2 East to Jackson Rd (Devens): Continue on Route 2 East; take Exit 38B to Ayer Road (Routes 110/111); follow Ayer Road to the rotary; take Barnum Road into Devens.


Devens to Route 2 East: From Jackson Road take Route 2 West; take Exit 36; turn right onto Fort Pond Road; turn right onto Shirley Road; turn left onto Route 2 East.