By Katina Caraganis


PEPPERELL -- The North Middlesex Regional School Committee got its first lesson in a new evaluation process for teachers and administrators in the district during its meeting Monday night.

The committee met with Glenn Koocher, executive director of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees.

Starting this year, public schools across the state will begin using a new educator-evaluation system for teachers, other full-time educators, principals and administrators, including superintendents.

Ashby representative Ken Brown said in the past, it's been a difficult process in evaluating the superintendent.

"We've had basic standards we've been able to use in the past. The problem is, once they're once they're established, we have nine people do the evaluation and we need to have an outcome that is of value to the process," he said.

The new evaluation method is based on four major standards. Each of those standards is further subdivided to allow a school committee to define more precisely how detailed an evaluation will be.

There are more than 65 total standards, indicators, and elements a superintendent can be measured on.

Koocher suggested that during an evaluation process, a subcommittee be formed to do the major editing of the material because a full edit by an entire committee could be very time-consuming.

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