AYER -- Ayer Shirley Regional School District's FIRST Robotics team Andromeda One (FRC 4905) had a successful competition at the North Shore New England District event in Reading, on the weekend of March 16. The team qualified to become a third-place captain in the semifinals and was the winner of the robot Creativity Award.

Upon presenting the award to the team, the judges' representative read: "The team started with a creative idea and then followed through to bring that concept to reality. The team overcame challenges with weight limitations. Challenges were met with unique approaches to material. Additionally, the lifting actuators that were designed and implemented performed well on the field of battle."

The lifting actuators are the ramps the team built to deploy and lift two other robots to the height considered to be a climb at the end of a match in this year's competition.

Andromeda One was the first robot in this year's game to score a climb ranking point. In only its fifth year, the team has earned two Rookie All Star Awards, three District Chairman's Awards, and both a Regional and District Engineering Inspiration Award.

This year was the first year that FRC 4905 was recognized for its robot design.

Andromeda One's next competition will be the April 11-14 New England District Championships at Boston University, where the team hopes further improvements to its robot and strategy will lead it to the World Championship in Detroit, Michigan, at the end of the month.


Follow FRC4905 on social media @FRC4905 and on the team's website, andromedaone.wordpress.com.