AYER -- America Recycles Day is fast approaching on Nov. 15. This year, pledge to recycle plastic film.

This ubiquitous material takes many recyclable forms, from grocery bags to product wrap to newspaper bags to zip lock bags to bubble wrap to so many more. Pack all your plastic film into a plastic bag and drop it off at a local grocery store.

Why do we have to haul it? Believe it or not, plastic film is public enemy number one in commercial recycling plants because they get caught in machinery, forcing costly shutdowns. If you accidentally put plastic film in with the recycling you take to the Ayer transfer station, you can just about guarantee it will gum up the works.

One last note, when you drop off that film, leave out compostable bags, prewashed salad bags, frozen food bags, chip bags, candy bar wrappers and clingy wrap.

For more information, contact the Ayer Recycling Committee at ayerrecycles@gmail.com or plasticfilmrecycling.org.