AYER -- Mother Nature tried to put a damper on the end-of-year Field Day festivities, but the Page Hilltop community wouldn't allow it.

After some schedule rearranging due to pesky rain, Page Hilltop's Field Days were held on June 12 and 13 when kindergarten through fifth-graders got to leave classrooms and cross the parking lot to the Ayer Shirley Regional High School football field for two carnival-themed field days and cookouts.

The kindergarten, first- and second-graders participated in this event on Wednesday and the third, fourth, and fifth grades participated on Thursday.

The carnival was planned and organized by Page Hilltop Principal Fred Deppe and many parent volunteers.

"After a year filled with hard work and perseverance, our Page Hilltop field days allow us a time to come together and celebrate all that we have accomplished. It provides an opportunity for teachers and students to share time together, on a different level, in a venue outside the walls of the classroom," Deppe said.

"Our field days are also a special way for parents to be involved in our school community," said Deppe. "Each year we have dozens of parents show up on each of the two field days to volunteer their time for the benefit of the students. It once again proves that we have a phenomenal parent base dedicated to our school and our students.



Deppe's gratitude also extends to Moore's Lumber for donating the bounce house and dunk tank each year; the PTO for its financial support; and high school staff for helping to coordinate field-use needs.

"The Page Hilltop Field Days have become an annual event and are one of the many end-of-year activities that would come under the theme of 'celebrating successes'", added Deppe.

Each class at the school rotated around the football field to "stations" that were manned by over 40 parents. Activities included a parachute game, obstacle course, water relay game, bounce house, balloon relay, sno-cones, crew-on-the-grass, jump rope and hula hoop game, beach ball relay, pizza box relay and a dunk tank where kids got a chance to soak teachers and parent volunteers.

"This day was so much fun," said second-grade teacher Lindsay Mele. "It warms my heart to see the smiles on their faces as they have fun with their teachers and friends. They have worked so hard all year so this is definitely a well-earned treat!"

Throughout the two days the students wore smiles from ear to ear, but it seemed that the parent volunteers had just as much fun as the kids. Brenda Magno, mother of third-grader Kaylin said, "This is one of my favorite volunteer days of the year. I love seeing the kids have fun and I love watching our community come together to put together these days for the kids!"

The Field Day Planning Committee got great feedback from volunteers and the kids alike.

Deppe commented that many kids approached him saying it was the best day ever.

Parent volunteer Michele Granger said, "Kids had a blast. They especially loved the sno-cones and the ever-popular dunk tank. They seemed to have a lot of fun cheering each other on and soaking whatever adult was in the tank at the time. They signed each other's shirts, jumped in the bouncy house and overall, had a great time."