AYER -- A 65-year-old Ayer man who is facing his fourth drunken driving offense was arraigned on an additional charge of driving drunk with a license that was suspended until 2014.

In Ayer District Court Oct. 9, Mubiru Musoke, of 5 Wachusett Ave. East, was released with no additional bail after pleading not guilty to operating under the influence with a license suspended for drunken driving.

Musoke was initially released on $460 cash bail June 4 after pleading not guilty to operating under the influence -- fourth offense and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license for drunken driving. The conditions of his release include no driving without a valid license, no drinking and submit to random testing.

Musoke is scheduled for trial on Feb. 19, 2013.

Ayer police allege that at 9:56 p.m. on May 30, they received a report of a gray 1998 Mercedes being operated erratically. The caller reported that she was behind the erratic driver who was all over the road and hit the stone wall near the entrance to Littleton High School.

The license plate came back to a Wachusett Avenue address. When officers drove to the address they found the gray Mercedes in the driveway, with the engine running, and a male in the driver's seat.

The vehicle had a shredded tire, the passengerside mirror was missing and the entire side of the vehicle had damage, police said.

When the officer approached Musoke, there was an odor of alcohol, he said, and Musoke was unsteady on his feet.


Musoke told the officer he was driving to Ayer from Acton. He denied having anything to drink.

Musoke failed field sobriety tests and was barely blowing into the portable breath test, so it was unable to get a reading, police said.

Musoke has drunken driving charges dating back to 1985, 1993 and 2005. In 2006, Musoke's license was revoked until December 2014.

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