HARVARD -- After voting to expand the makeup of the Economic Development Committee from seven to 10 voting members, selectmen met in joint session with Planning Board and EDC members to appoint them.

Initially, Ron Ricci was leery of setting a precedent that might make it more difficult to fill open seats on town boards and committees, which is already challenging. But he sided with the others in the end. "We can shrink it" (committee size) later if need be, he said.

When Peter Warren and Christopher Sintros were appointed to the EDC Sept. 24, joint roll call votes were unanimous for both candidates.

But Planning Board member James Breslauer asked about Warren's property interests in north Harvard.

"He lives there," selectmen Chairman Marie Sobalvarro said.

But although Warren's home and land are located in that part of town, the long-time Realtor doesn't have a stake in the designated area that is the focus of EDC activities.

"He doesn't own any property in the C-district," she said.

Warren, a former selectman and retired town fire chief with a history of civic involvement, wasn't present. But Sintros, a relative newcomer to town, attended the meeting and was besieged with informal requests from individual selectmen to join other boards.

Sintros moved to town three years ago with his wife, who is active with the Harvard Family Association. They have two children. "We love the town," and want to support it, he said.


In his view, working toward a "strong economic future" is key to that goal.

Citing his master's degree in gerontology, Selectman Lucy Wallace asked if he'd be open to serving on the Council on Aging.

Sintros said he was on the COA in Andover before moving here but is interested now in joining a more "future-oriented" group. Still, he'll gladly help Harvard seniors if called upon, he said.

Wallace said she'd pass that pledge along to the COA, on which she serves as board liaison.

"What's your volunteer bandwidth?" Selectman Leo Blair wondered. He asked Sintros if he could lend his expertise to the Municipal Affordable Housing Trust.

Sintros gave him a green light to reach out.

The Conservation Commission has openings, too, said Breslauer, speaking now as a commissioner. And Sobalvarro as Finance Committee liaison put in a pitch for FinCom.

Sintros said he'd be reluctant to sign up for committees with hefty time commitments, given that he has a full-time job and a family with two young children.