AYER -- There are many things you may expect your seven-year-old to ask for, for her eighth birthday, but a charity event is usually not one of them.

Anastasia Montoya will turn eight on Thanksgiving Day. She doesn't want presents for herself, but a community party where all of her gifts will be donated to Loaves & Fishes.

Montoya decided she wanted to give back to those in need during a trip to Wal-Mart with her mother.

"When we were leaving (Wal-Mart) we saw a family that was poor and needed money," Montoya said.

"After we left, she said, 'This year for my birthday I don't want presents. I would rather give them to people like that,'" Montoya's mother, Karen Hachey, said. "How could I say no?"

What Hachey thought would be a fleeting idea became real plans as Montoya continued to mention the idea to her mother as time went on.

"Once we decided we were really going to do this, we went searching for the right charity," Hachey said. "We chose Loaves & Fishes because we went to a volunteer meeting and after they spoke about the events they do, Anastasia knew she wanted to work with them."

Hachey explained that Loaves & Fishes hosts two events, one for adults to shop through donated goods for their children, and one for children to shop.

"The event is held at the Job Corps Center in Devens and volunteers walk the children around as they shop," Hachey said. "Anastasia really liked that idea.



Montoya and her mother are making fliers and asking local businesses for items to raffle. "So far, Owen Jacobs Salon and JNS Business Solutions have donated," Hachey said.

Any and all donated goods are welcome for Anastasia's birthday party. She hopes she can give other children what she is already so fortunate to have, she said.

The party will be held at Billiard's Cafe in Ayer on Saturday, Nov. 16, from 6 p.m. to midnight. DJ Ricksta from Fitchburg will be providing entertainment all night.

All members of the community are invited.

Anyone interested in attending Anastasia Montoya's event should visit her Facebook Page titled, Anastasia Montoya's charity birthday to benefit Loaves & Fishes.

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